Support Staff of the Year Winners Announced

Support Staff of the Year Winners Announced
Posted on 04/14/2023
Graphic that states CONGRATS!On Friday, April 14, 2023, New Kent County Public Schools division and school leaders surprised the building Support Staff of the Year winners. The winners will also be celebrated at a special event on June 1st. See information about each of our winners below:

George W. Watkins Elementary Support Staff of the Year: Mr. William Brown, Custodian

Photograph of William Brown with Dr. Nichols and GWES admin

Ms. Tammy Krejcarek, Watkins Elementary principal, states, “Mr. William as we affectionately call him, is simply the best! He is a hard worker with a great attitude. He is always willing to lend an extra helping hand and is dedicated to keeping our school looking its best. This past summer with all the moving, Mr. William brought in his whole family to get furniture moved, and it was a lot! If a teacher is wiping something down or moving something, he steps in and takes over. He often participates in our school spirit days and provides a friendly face to our students. He even takes over traffic duty when we need help without even being asked. His job is not always an easy one, but he always keeps a smile with a positive attitude. George Watkins would be lost without him.”

New Kent Elementary Support Staff of the Year: Ms. Lee Larsen, Paraprofessional

photo of Lee Larsen with Dr. Nichols and NKES admin

Dr. Amy Stamm, New Kent Elementary principal states, “The NKES Support Staff of the Year is Ms. Lee Larsen, library instructional assistant. Ms. Larsen is a dedicated support staff member who truly loves NKES. Daily, Ms. Larsen goes above and beyond and out of her way to help all students and teachers. She is an involved and valuable member of our school community. Ms. Larsen is a steady face happily greeting students as they arrive in the mornings and as they leave in the afternoon. She is patient and kind and is a calm, friendly welcome each day. Ms. Larsen has worked for the county for 20 years, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our River Otter family. Thank you for all that you do, Ms. Larsen.”

Quinton Elementary Support Staff of the Year: Mr. Leo Tracy, Custodian

photo of Leo Tracy with Dr. Brian Nichols, QES admin, and ESS supervisor

Ms. Christine Pilger, Quinton Elementary principal, states, “Mr. Leo works SO hard keeping our school in tip-top shape! We all call on him a million times a day, and he always runs to our aid as soon as we call. He never complains and always has a friendly smile on his face. He starts our day with working traffic on Route 249 so our buses can arrive with students safely and in a timely manner. Throughout the day, he is quick to respond to all of our needs. He is a true representation of what a Cub is! He shows up, does his job like a rockstar, and never complains! Mr. Leo is such a role model for our Cubs to look up to.”

New Kent Middle Support Staff of the Year: Ms. Barbara Duckett, Administrative Assistant

photo of Barbara Duckett, Dr. Brian Nichols, and NKMS assistant principals

Ms. Angela Foss, a New Kent Middle assistant principal, states, “Barbara Duckett has dedicated over two decades to New Kent Middle School, performing a myriad of duties that help us run efficiently at every level
building level, administrative level, support staff level, teacher level, and student level. Ms. Duckett is the financial and principal’s secretary. Her dedication, responsibility, efficiency, knowledge, and compassion touch everyone of us. In her professional capacity as our bookkeeper, she is literally irreplaceable. No one else can do her job. She tolerates us with grace and patience, making sure we function like a well-oiled machine. The frequent refrain around the building is ‘I don’t know. Ask Barbara.’ And she always knows. Not just the answers to financial questions. The answers to all questions. You could live a whole lifetime and not encounter someone as capable, understanding, or outstanding. We’re incredibly blessed to have her in the building to take care of us all.”

New Kent High Support Staff of the Year: Ms. Bonnie Minor, School Counseling Administrative Assistant

photo of Bonnie Minor with Chris Valdrighi and Dr. Brian Nichols

The New Kent High School counseling department states, “Without Bonnie, we would fall short of meeting the needs of our students, families, faculty, and staff. She is the common thread, the glue, that holds us together. As a department of four counselors who work together on team activities, yet also independently, our department requires attention that keeps us organized and flowing smoothly. Conscientious, dedicated, patient, organized, and adaptable are only a few of the characteristics that Bonnie exhibits. Her roles as the NKHS registrar and school counseling secretary go far beyond the scope of what most may perceive as her responsibilities. It is important to note that not only does Bonnie manage us, but she also maintains reports, stores grades, runs report cards, completes green cards, manages records, and so much more. She is a jack of all trades! On a daily basis, Bonnie manages a revolving door that at times spins incredibly fast throwing people into our office left and right. Visitors can include students with scheduled or unscheduled appointments, parents, students in crisis, faculty members with questions, outside agencies, and the list goes on. At all times, she is assessing the situation to figure out how she and/or we can best help. Without Bonnie in her management role, the door would continue to spin with visitors who may not always receive immediate help to manage their needs. She is also the face of our department. Bonnie is always ready with a smile and willing to help anyone who calls or comes in. She is positive, optimistic, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it out quickly. It is difficult to completely put into words how much we value Bonnie. We rely on her to keep us on task, focused, and moving through our day in a manner that results in productivity. She meets these needs without hesitation while maintaining professionalism and integrity.”